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901 is by far the most exciting cow we have had on our place. She was a many time show winner and has been a prolific producer for our program. 
901 is the dam of R/M Ultra Cash Flow 102 and B/R Logic 626.
Cash has been used across the country in many high powered operations and his progeny have been tearing it up in Australia.
Logic was the $30,000 half interest top selling bull for Rishells at the 2007 sale to Gary & Linda Mc Pherson and created quite a buzz at the NWSS that same year. Logic is owned with Gary & Linda Mc Pherson and 44 farms.



Grandam of 6722 

6722 is a high-maternal blending of the herd sire producing Emblynette, Abigale and Elba families by the $150,000 Select Sires bull SAV Mandan 5644, from a donor dam sired by the ABS Global Pathfinder Sire SAV Peacemaker 3179. This female's dam is a maternal sister to a roll call of famous females, decending from the high income producing Pathfinder dam SAV Emblynette 7319 who is also the anchor female behind a long line of outstanding sires including SAV 004 Predominate 4438, SAV Momentum 9274, SAV Free Spirit 8164 and SAV Ringmaster 1148, the $300,000 record selling bull of the 2012 SAV Sale.


This proven producer is a model Angus cow with a perfect udder combined with perfect feet and legs, and she has tallied $33,250 in SAV sales to date. 
This cow is from one of the great flushes in SAV history, from the mating of the established Pathfinder Sire, SAV 8180 Traveler 004, with the maternal matriarch, SAV Madame Pride 0075 who remains an active donor at nearly 16 years of age and has generated $1,770,500 to average $25,659 on 69 head in SAV sales to date, with a progeny birth ratio of 96 combined with a progeny weaning ratio of 107 on seven natural calves, coupled with a progeny ribeye ratio of 102 on 78 head and 26 daughters retained in the SAV herd.
A full sister, SAV Madame Pride 5290, has generated $737,250 to average $13,652 on 54 head through SAV sales, and she now serves as a foundation donor for Mohnen Angus. •Maternal brothers include the $90,000 Accelerated Genetics sire, SAV Registry 2831, the $90,000 DBL and ZWT sire, SAV Response 2411 and the $140,000 SAV Saint Anthony 5670.


1096 is a maternal sister to Gambles Hot Rod and is a direct daughter of Bushs Absolute Power, a past NWSS Grand Champion, and stems back to the pathfinder sire and ten time All American Sire of the Year, Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C.
This female is a maternal sister to a long list of featured top sellers and great producers working in progressive Angus programs across the country. Maternal sisters include Gambles Lady 961, the donor dam of the $37,500 featured Gambles Safe Bet 4500, Gambles Miss Famous 621, the top-selling lot 1 female of the 2009 Annual Production Sale who is the mother of the Denver Champion, OBAR Gambles Lady 1056, and that female went on to produce a Reserve Grand Champion Female at the NWSS. 1096 is also a maternal sister to the grandam of the 2013 NWSS Junior Grand Champion Female Top Line Lady 1176.   


EXAR Princess 0860

Maternal Sister to 0860 

0860 is a maternal sister to the $70,000 EXAR Princess 5464, who finished second in the ROV Junior Champion Female of the Year standings for '06-'07 show year after being named Junior Champion at Fort Worth and Reserve Junior Champion at the NWSS. 0860 is also a maternal sister to EXAR Blue Chip, one of the breeds hottest young sires, and a 3/4 sib the the dam of EXAR Classen.
The Dam of 0860, Greens Princess 1012, Sold in the '04 Bases Loaded Sale for $200,000 Half interest and was named ROV Dam of the Year for the same year. 1012 was the '03 NWSS Grand Champion Angus Female, '03 WNAF Champion Cow/Calf and the '03 NAILE Reserve Cow/Calf.
The Princess cow family is rapidly becoming one of the top income producers in the Angus breed. Descendants were featured as Lot 1 in the Express Ranch Honor Roll Sale and topped the Express Ranches Bull Sale at $150,000 for one half interest.
KB Everelda Entense 1328

Grandam of 1328 

1328 combines a flawless profile with tremendous turn to her rib for a fault free phenotype.
The Everelda Entense cow family has been around since the 1950's and is known for power and longevity. 
This heifers dam is a maternal sister to the dam of Mitty Thunderstruck and her grandam is the $300,000 valued Sitz Everelda Entense 023. Her great grandam is the legendary Sitz Everelda Entense 1137. 1137 was the $210,000 half interest world record selling cow at the '99 Shady Brook Sale and was the first cow in the breed to generate $4 million in progeny.

EXAR June 7341

Full Brother (EXAR 263C)

EXAR June 7341 comes from a powerful cow family at Express Ranches. She is a full sister to EXAR 263C, one of the most highly used bulls at one time. She is also a full sib to the dam of the up and coming Express sire EXAR Powerhouse.
7341 was the $91,000 half interest selection at a past Express angus sale.

FB Saras Dream 1185

Maternal Sister to Dam of 1185

1185 is a direct daughter of the $117,500 SAV Net Worth 4200. Her dam is the featured full sister to EXAR Lutton 1831 and EXAR Tryon 71204 , EXAR Saras Dream 71203. 
71203 has produced numerous top-sellers and features in past Express Ranches sales and has a progeny production record of WR 1@108 and YR 1@106.
Boyd Altune 7081

Dam of 7081 (Altune of Conanga 6104)

7081 is a maternal sister to Connealy Onward!
7081 is out of the legendary Altune of Conanga 6104, the $280,000 donor was originally purchased by KiamichiLink and their partner as the featured Lot 1 record-selling female of the 2007 Boyd Breeders Cup Sale.
A maternal sister sold for $44,000 at the 2013 Spruce Mountain sale.
Champion Hill May 6209

Full Sister to 6209 (S A V Blackcap May 6097)

Champion Hill May 6209 is a powerful double-bred Blackcap May heifer from the mating of the $117,500. Genex/CRI sire S A V Net Worth 4200 to the proven and productive S A V May 7238. A full sister sold for $32,500 for a $65,000 valuation in the 2009 Champion Hill Spring Sale.
 A maternal sister was the $70,000 top-selling female in the 2009 Schaff Angus Valley Sale where another maternal sister was the second top-selling cow at $30,000.
 A maternal sister is the dam of S A V Brave 8320 who was the $92,500 top-selling bull in the 2009 S A V Sale. A maternal sister is the dam of S A V Brand Name 9115 who was the $156,000 top-selling bull in the 2010 S A V Sale. Another maternal sister was the second top-selling female in the 2010 Champion Hill Spring Sale at $42,000 for a one-half interest.
Maternal brothers include the Genex/CRI sire S A V Density 4336 who was the $55,000 third top-selling bull of the 2005 S A V Sale and S A V Providence 6922 who was the $60,000 second top-selling bull of the 2008 S A V Sale.
A maternal sister, S A V May 2420, is the grandam of S A V Brilliance 8077.
Silveiras Elba 8552

8552 derives from the famed Silveira Elba family which has produced numerous top sellers and show winners across the country.
She is a full sister to the $101,000 half interest Silveiras Style and the 2010 top selling heifer for Silveiras at $27,000 half interest.
She is also a full sister to the dam of the top selling $38,000 half interest Silveiras Elba 2323 heifer in the 2012 Silveiras sale. In the same sale a flush out of a full sister sold for $18,000.
A full sister is the dam of the popular Silveiras Watchout 0514.

Rita Franchise 1438

Trowbridge Rita 711 (daughter of 1438)

A cow with a pedigree that is stacked with famous females. 1438 has produced numerous donor quality females for Mud Creek and sale features in past Trowbridge sales. 1438 is an extremely thick and powerful Basin Franchise daughter out of the $400,000 GAR New Design 1440. .
1440 is also the dam of GAR Right Direction, the $90,000 half interest high selling bull of the 2006 GAR sale, and GAR Future Direction L5144, the $47,000 half interest second high selling bull that same year. She also produced the $120,000 top selling cow in the 2006 GAR sale with another daughter selling as the $90,000 sale feature in 2007.
The grand dam, GAR EXT 614, was the world record selling Deer Valley Farm donor and is without question one of the breeds all time highest income producing females.